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A person may find themselves having to work from home for several reasons. Home has always been associated with relaxation and leisure for as long as society can remember. It is deemed a place for people to retreat and have their solace. However, as stated, there is the reason why a person may have to move their work life into their home and finish their job duties in their homes. Some people have a hard time integrating their focus and undivided attention when they aren’t completing tasks in the work environment. Luckily there are tips for those individuals who are looking to have a more productive at-home work experience. Some of these tips are as follows:

Airplane Mode

Every smartphone has an airplane mode feature in the settings. The airplane mode or offline mode temporarily turns off phone service and wifi. When this is done, one will not receive any phone calls, text messages, email notifications, or any notifications whatsoever. Many people tend to get distracted with the constant notifications flooding their phones. If one simply wants to turn their notifications off, they can also put their phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’.

Set Milestones

A huge part of working productively from home is setting goals to reach and deadlines. This ensures that one’s time is being used wisely and effectively to meet certain milestones. Setting milestones is also a good method for people to track their progress and gain confidence as they complete their work.

Reduce Distractions

Aside from having an endless amount of notifications on one’s phone, there are other distractions that may be present within one’s home. Things like loud music, loud children, and television are things that can also present as a distraction. One should mitigate the distractions by ensuring that none of these are in their immediate environment to draw their attention away from their work. In many cases, a person’s bed may also serve as a distraction. Hence, it’s important to try not to work while sitting in bed. The comfort may be too persuasive, making one a bit too comfortable. Therefore, instead of finishing the work, one may find themselves wanting to lay back down and sleep some more.